About the Special Executive Masters (SEM) Courses

The Special Executive Masters (SEM) Courses are short certificate modules designed for anyone who would benefit from more in-depth business and/or ICT knowledge delivered in short and intensive programmes. These programmes are suitable for managers, business executives and ICT professionals in the private, public or non-profit making sectors that have new responsibilities and need to quickly expand their knowledge.

The SEM courses serve as a refresher course for those who have had their Masters a long time ago and need an academic update on current trends. It also serves as a crash programme for experienced professionals who never made time out for their Masters yet they require the academic and practical relevance of this Masters’ experience. It is a good programme for individuals who are newly promoted to managerial positions, the programme enables them to acclimatise to the new position as well as help them in take the right decisions.

There is no strict Academic Requirement for these courses as they are Non-Credit Bearing Programmes. However, students are expected to have at least 4 years working experience.

Interaction & Collaboration

As a SEM student, you are never alone in your course. You are part of a class of 15 to 30 learners from different organisations and industries across the world. Required discussions play an important part of your course, giving you and your classmates the opportunity to share and exchange experiences, best practices, perspectives, and examples. All these shared learning are facilitated by an instructor who brings both subject-matter expertise and real-world experience. Your interaction with peers from different organisations, and backgrounds fosters collaboration, networking, and a lot of practical, shared learning.

Why choose Special Executive Masters (SEM) Courses?

  • You will be earning a certificate from a UK business school/ university.
  • The courses are taught by academics and practitioners at the forefront of business and ICT. You will directly benefit from their input and their extensive contacts, both commercial and academic.
  • You will benefit from a supportive and flexible online learning environment that enables you to collaborate and network with peers across the world.

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