There is nothing like having a great boss. Employees who feel they are being effectively and fairly managed by their supervisors are more engaged, more productive and are generally happier workers.

The converse is also true: employees who feel their supervisor is not doing a good job managing them do not tend to perform as well and are more apt to leave their current company.  Below are the actions and traits that set great managers apart from all the others:

Hiring smart:
The secret to success in business is surrounding yourself with the right people. Great managers understand the importance of being able to trust and be confident in their employees’ abilities to perform their jobs well, so they go the extra mile to ensure every new addition to the team is the best possible candidate.

Getting to know their people:
Great supervisors recognize that in order to effectively manage people, they first need to take the time to get to know their employees as people, learn what their strengths and weaknesses are, find out what each person needs in terms of management style, etc. Understanding what makes their team members “tick” allows great managers to plan ahead and assign out tasks and projects according to who they know will do the best job. This can be particularly important for teams or departments that frequently work in groups or pairs.

Setting a positive tone:
Attitudes are contagious, and the attitude or demeanor of a manager often significantly influences that of the entire team. Great managers are extra careful not to convey any negativity they are feeling about a particular project or assignment to their people.

Keeping the lines of communication flowing:
Communication is key to the success of any group. Employees want to feel that they have a voice when it comes to their work or work environment, and it is important for every worker to feel comfortable to talk openly and honestly with management. Great managers go to great lengths to make sure their team members feel comfortable voicing their opinions or concerns.

Getting down in the trenches when needed:
It is an inevitability of business that every once in a while, despite everyone’s best efforts, things will go wrong. An important piece of machinery that automates production will break; a key employee may call in sick on your busiest day; a big customer will get upset about something – there is no shortage of possible problems. These moments of crisis truly separate the great from the mediocre. In these situations, great managers will seamlessly step in and work right alongside their employees to help keep things running smoothly, immediately earning the respect of their employees.