At Rocheltenham, we understand how busy you are. We know how determined you must have been to grow your career by taking a step to study along with your work. This is why we designed our programmes to suit your busy schedule. We offer worker-friendly programmes and support you when you need us most.

When your work schedule seems to be affecting your study, we have professional counselors who can advise you on how to be successful at work and in your study. We know that your career development via study is an integral part of your plan, and we are happy to be part of your growth and eventual success story. As a Rocheltenham student, you can always talk with our trained staff on your study support needs when your work appears to be taking all your time. You may want to talk to us via +234 818 888 7590, +234 818 888 7591, +234 818 888 7592, +234 818 888 7593.

Local and global business focus

Rocheltenham offers you comprehensive local and international business knowledge, with a globally focused curriculum and diverse perspectives from industry experts and our faculty. The programme(s) you are undertaking with us come(s) not only with local but with international learning opportunities at its heart.

Our faculty conducts research into business organisations across the world. The core curriculum of our programme harnesses this global reach with global complexity to train our students with the latest business trends within and outside the shores of Nigeria. Some of our core modules delve into shape-fitting and application of business success practices in US, Canada, Germany, UK and China into the Nigerian market. While some of our core modules entail new innovative ideas for business success in our nation.

Your development

At Rocheltenham, we believe that your development is the driving force that propels you towards achieving your goals in life. Hence, your development throughout your time at Rocheltenham is of paramount importance to us. We will allow you to examine your own management style and develop yourself as a leader who can inspire others. Our goal is to help you prepare for the future, whether in maximising your impact in your current position or fulfiling your potential in a new role. We are determined to help you meet your development aspirations with your skills and knowledge.

During your programme with us, we lay emphasis on how you can gain better insights about yourself (exploring your strengths and weaknesses), your potential, and you can plan and be ready for your future impact as a leader. Our advisors will monitor your progress and support your development while you study at Rocheltenham. Sessions are prepared to guide you on best ways of achieving your goals, facing future professional challenges, managing yourself in an uncertain business environment, and making greatest possible impact as a leader.


At Rocheltenham, you will be provided with networking opportunities, which students often use to their own career advantage. The students community in Rocheltenham is a hub where CEOs, award-winning scholars, business owners, captains of industry, brilliant young scholars, inventors, senior policy makers, corporate recruiters, public office holders, amongst others meet to share ideas, and make connections for good business relationships. The success of Rocheltenham network is usually a discussion point among our alumni, as bonds formed usually last a lifetime.

With a highly diverse cohort from a wide range of sectors, organisations and different parts of the country, the people you meet while you study with us will become part of a life-long professional and personal network that you will call upon throughout your career. These networking opportunities at Rocheltenham are accessible to all our students and we cannot wait to have you study with us.

Ease of payment

At Rocheltenham, we make the payment for your study easy for you by providing the following two payment advantages:

1. The installment scheme
We have an installment scheme designed to make payment of your school fee convenient for you. You can pay for your programme over a period of time. You may want to contact our Accounting and Finance Team for details via: 08188887590, 08188887591, 08188887592, 08188887593.

2. The percentage discount scheme
If you want to enjoy a percentage discount on your school fee, you need to pay all your fees at once at the beginning of your programme with us. You may want to contact our Accounting and Finance Team for details via: 08188887590, 08188887591, 08188887592, 08188887593.