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Things Manager do Differently

There is nothing like having a great boss. Employees who feel they are being effectively and fairly managed by their supervisors are more engaged, more productive and are generally happier workers. The converse is also true: employees who feel their supervisor is not doing a good job managing them do not tend to perform as well […]

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Things That Matter More Than Making Money

As an entrepreneur, you put too much time and energy into your venture not to make massive amounts of cash. Bringing in money is vital for you and your team members, who depend on you for their livelihoods. But some things are more important than money and ignoring them will make your money worthless. The following are things […]

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The Importance of Communication in Business and How to Improve it

A business cannot grow without communication which implies that communication is the key to every business growth. Therefore it is essential to note that communication has a vital role in all aspects of your business. The following are the importance and how to improve communication. Importance of Communication Business owners like you should focus on […]

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Things That Affect Our Work Relationships (ii)

How, then, can you figure out which micro moves will be helpful? We’ve come up with five guiding principles: Understand your coworker’s point of view. Impact doesn’t always match intention. What makes micro moves complicated is that we all have different standards for evaluating them. Harrison saw the unanswered email as no big deal; Kassie disagreed. […]

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Things Most Startup Plans Are Missing

Each day brings new surprises once you are operating a startup. For entrepreneurs, that insecurity could make goal-setting really feel futile. It is difficult to make a plan when there may be so little predictability about what the twelve months will deliver. But creating objectives that really account for the flexibleness and spontaneity required when operating […]

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