Goal setting

It is important to set goals for yourself and whatever projects you are working on. This will help you know the order of importance in which you need to do things in and also determine how long it will take you to complete them.


Knowing what is of the utmost importance to complete in any given task will help tremendously in time management. To-do lists are a great tool, but only if they are put together by order of importance. So make sure you spend time figuring out what you must complete first and then do it.

Manage interruptions

You cannot get anything done if you are constantly getting interrupted. That is why it is important that you have tools to manage interruptions. If that means shutting off the phone for an hour or so a day, then do it, but be sure to use that hour wisely.


This is what time management is all about. Create your schedule by anticipating interruptions. This way you hopefully would not end up getting off schedule ever, therefore avoiding a whole lot of stress.


Putting off work leads to far too many incomplete tasks and far too much stress. It is important that if you are a procrastinator, you work on improving that.

Working on these areas of time management will make you much more effective at work and home and you would feel much less stressed. So now how good is your time management?