As an entrepreneur, you put too much time and energy into your venture not to make massive amounts of cash. Bringing in money is vital for you and your team members, who depend on you for their livelihoods. But some things are more important than money and ignoring them will make your money worthless. The following are things that are more important than money:

Your faith                                                                                        

This is not about religious faith, although that can be part of it. The faith we are talking about is the faith you have in yourself, your dream and your business. Without this faith, it does not matter how good your product or service is. Doubt destroy businesses that could have changed the world. When it feels like everyone you trust is out to get you, it is hard to keep the faith.

But the moment you lose faith in your business, think your dream is a bit much or believe someone else would do things better, you are done. You might as well quit and go work for someone else someone who oozes faith.

Your health

As an entrepreneur, you spend more waking hours thinking about your business than anyone else. If something goes south, it is on your shoulders. This can be dangerous. It can lead you to think that if you’re not working on your business all day, every day, the business will fail.

Trust your people. Let them do their jobs and then go do yours. Make sure the business is strong. Search new ways to make it stronger. Get feedback from your team and put a game plan in place.

All the while, watch what you eat. Keep an eye on your waistline. Get to the gym or keep playing your favorite sport. A strong, sharp mind demands a strong, sharp body, so push it hard. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder. Just set goals, reach them, and then set new ones. It will train you to do the same with your business.

Not feeling the best? Be proactive and go to the doctor. Your business needs the best possible you. That means taking care of yourself so you can think clearly and lead your team into a future full of success.

Your family

You want to give your kids a better life than you had growing up. But hunting for another dollar when you should be at home could cost you your family. Most people wish they could spoil their spouse and kids, but what your family really wants is you.

Being there for them might mean you are up so early that half of your workday is done before anyone else wakes up. That way by the time five o’clock strikes, you are already home.

If you’re spending all night at the office when your family is waiting for you, it’s not because you are a hard worker. It is because you suck at time management, productivity and setting boundaries. When you dial in your habits and become a true high performer, you make more money and have more time for your family.

Your experiences:

You live once, then you die. There is no way around it. Sitting in an office all day, every day makes no sense. You became the boss so you could live life to the fullest, so live it.

Be spontaneous. Take opportunities to travel. Meet a celebrity who happens to be passing through town. You can impress some people with your bank account, but memories and stories of life experiences enrich your life and engage people in ways money cannot.

As an added bonus, life experiences do more than give you good stories. They give you good ideas. They shape the way you see the world. They can shake you up enough to have breakthroughs and solve a problem at work that is plagued you for months.

Your legacy

After you are dead and gone, your legacy is the only thing that is going to stick with people. You can leave a pile of money to your loved ones, but it is who you were while you lived that will impact them.

Put as much time and energy into your legacy as your business. If you want to be remembered for bringing value and joy to the world, you have to do more than stare at your bank account.

Make people your priority. Treat them with kindness and compassion. Give generously to the charities close to your heart. Listen when someone needs to talk.

You will not wish you would do things differently. You will not fear what people will say about you when you are gone. You will be content knowing you put the interest of others first, both in your daily life and in your business ventures. That is a legacy anyone would want.

Money makes it easier to take care of your health, legacy and family. It opens the door to experiences and helps you keep your faith alive. However, money cannot replace any of these things, so do not look at money for your satisfaction. Work hard to earn enormous amounts of cash, and then use it to live a great life.