You do not need to do everything today:

It is time to kill your artificial deadlines. You know the deadlines that we set for ourselves that we did not really put any thought into. If there is one thing people suck at estimating, it is the amount of time a project will take. Plus, we kind of forget to take mental energy into account. You could be one of the most ambitious go-getters out there, but even you need a break every now and then. We all do. So take a look at what you are working on and ask yourself, “Do I really need to finish this today or can I ask for an extension?” Pick the tasks that really are urgent and focus on those first. But give yourself more time to do it. And do not forget to schedule free time or mental breaks. Your sanity is an important part of success.

It is Okay to Have Work-Life Balance:

If you believe in hustle, hustle, hustle you might find yourself regretting it at some point. Work can be rewarding, fulfilling, and meaningful. But so can friendships, family, hobbies, travel, volunteering, and relaxation. You can still be successful in your entrepreneurial projects while injecting some fun and leisure into your day. You can look at a billionaire and be envious of his or her bank account. What you do not realize is that he or she might be envious of your happy marriage, sense of peace, or smile. Do not blindly assume that success is about outworking someone. Having a thoughtful approach can help you achieve success. If you have time in your day to reflect, learn, and make strategic decisions, you are better off than someone working themselves to the ground. Your best business ideas usually come in the shower, during long walks, or while exercising. Not while you work. Remember that the next time work leaves you feeling overwhelmed.

Remember Why You Started:

Is there a big cause that drives you? Or do you want to make enough money to retire early? We all have a reason for wanting to start a business. What is yours? Write it down on a piece of paper so you do not forget. When overwhelming feelings start looming, remind yourself that your goal is bigger than any negative feeling in the world. If you want to make enough money to feed your family this month, you need to put your energy into making that happen. So tell your brain to quiet down because what you are working on is too important for any negative thoughts to take over. Make your workspace all about your goal. Put post it notes around your desk that state your goal. Send yourself a scheduled email to remind you about your goal once a week. Setting reminders of your why will help you stay focused even when feeling overwhelmed.

Break Things Up Into Smaller Chunks:

When you start feeling overwhelmed, break things down into smaller chunks. Instead of having a goal of $1,000 by the end of the month, create a goal of making $250 each week. You can also break down projects into smaller tasks to divide the work of a project over a longer span of time. Breaking down the individual tasks allows you to see how much work goes into the finished project. By seeing that, you might adjust your timelines to give you enough time to complete a task well. It also helps you avoid procrastination – the ultimate cause of feeling overwhelmed. You can use a free tool like Google Calendar to set daily tasks and organize your schedule.

Give Into Your Emotions Right Now:

Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed and the stress is too much to bear, give into your emotions. If you feel like crying, head to a private place to cry. If you feel like taking a nap then by all means, do that now. Maybe all you really need right now is a hug, ask for it. Your body will always tell you what you need to do; just do not be afraid to give into it. It is better to take care of yourself when a problem is still small than to allow it to escalate it to a point of no return.

Schedule Planning Time:

You can work yourself into the ground but if you do not think about what you are working on your results will be abysmal. Thoughtfulness creates high-impact results. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed because you are constantly executing but getting mediocre results, you might want to try this out. Each week schedule thinking time. Maybe set aside an hour or so at the start of any important marketing task.