Offices have been, and are, prime sites for the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Researchers have shown that bugs, germs, viruses and bacteria spread easily in an office.

If even a single surface is compromised, a virus can infect the majority of a workplace in a matter of hours depending on the kind of surface the germs land on. They can last from a few hours to three days on different surfaces.

Keeping your distance from sick co-workers may not be enough to avoid contact with the germs: Air temperature is KEY for bacteria. In general, cold air kills germs while warm air incubates them. These factors play a part in how quickly viruses spread within the office.

Viral contamination of (surfaces) in offices occur quickly, and a simple intervention can greatly help to reduce exposure to viruses. The four (4) office germ hotspots to tackle are:

  • Desk
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Door handles
  • Photocopier

Cleaning staff and employees should use disinfecting wipes to disinfect the above commonly touched surfaces about once a day. These disinfectants, along with proper hand hygiene, will reduce the spread of the virus by 80 to 99 percent.