A data analyst is responsible for understanding the trends and insights that are revealed in massive data sets.

Data analysts are often hired by companies to help inform decisions or improve business practices.

Here are some important tools data analysts use on the job:

  1. TABLEAU – Analysts use tableau to aggregate and analyze data. They can create and share dashboards with different team members and create visualizations.
  2. JUPYTER NOTEBOOK SYSTEM – Jupyter notebooks make it simple for data analysts to test code. Non-technical folks prefer the simple design of jupyter notebooks because of its markdown feature.
  3. GOOGLE ANALYTICS (GA) – This helps analysts gain an understanding of customer data.
  4. AWS S3 – This is a cloud storage system. Data analysts can use it to store and retrieve large datasets.
  5. GITHUB – Github is a platform for sharing and building technical projects. A must for data analysts who use object-oriented programming.


If you have graduated from a data analysis program and have a high GPA, it should be easy for you to land an entry-level data analysis job. Even if you don’t have a specialization in data analysis, but have a degree in Mathematics, Statistics, or Economics, you can easily land a data analysis entry-level job.