Everyone wants to work in a friendly and productive environment, but sometimes even one bad co-worker can make getting your job done seem near impossible.

Here are the 5 most difficult co-workers you’ll find in your workplace:

  1. Enviers

Jealous co-workers are easy to detect but not easy to deal with. Limit your communication with them, and don’t react actively because it will only encourage them.

  1. The Gossiper

They are also known as The One with the Big Mouth. Colleagues who enjoy gossiping tend to not realise that some of their comments are unwarranted and unnecessary. They enjoy pulling those around them into speculative discussions about other people in the office. Avoid engaging in any of their gossip by refraining from feeding into this person’s desire for a gossip friend, since anything you say could be held against you.

  1. The Intimidators

Belittlers tear their co-workers down to build themselves up. Don’t let them hit your emotional buttons. Standing up for yourself and calmly refuting their put-down can stop them in their tracks.

  1. The Blame Shifter

These people are always the first to point finger at someone else when something goes wrong. They can be tough to work with and can cause unnecessary strife in your workplace. Take responsibility for your mistakes before they have the opportunity to use them against you.

  1. The Non-Responder

Oops! You sent an email to this person few days ago and they still haven’t gotten back to you. Most of the time, The Non-Responder actually gets the job done. They’re efficient, focused, and poised; just absolute crap when it comes to communicating. All you can do is to confront them face-to-face. Approach them in person to make a difference.