Difficult people are in every variety that you can imagine.

It is hard to put difficult colleagues into a one-size-fits-all box. After all, they come in so many shapes and sizes. No workplace is without them.

Difficult colleagues create stressful environments and unpleasant working conditions, and that can affect your job performance and self-esteem when all you want is get along and get the job done.

If you let it go, you can end up losing your temper, and that could adversely affect you both personally and professionally. However, here are some three tips to help you get along or defuse the situation to make life easier on the job.

Be calm:

Losing your temper isn’t the best. Someone who is calm is seen as being in control, centred and more respectable. When your difficult colleague sees that you’re calm despite whatever he/she is doing, you will start getting attention. Be calm but assertive.

Understand the person’s intentions:

A difficult colleague may not be your enemy, but the more you know about them, the better you can understand them. Sometimes, these difficult co-workers come into your life to show you something about yourself.


Confronting a co-worker is never easy, but it’s often needed if you want to stick up for your rights at work, and this can lead to improvements in your productivity and peace of mind.

With these few steps, you’re good to go!