The day after quarantine probably won’t be the way we imagine it. One of the things we did the most during quarantine is plans. We kept asking ourselves – “what will happen when the containment measures are lifted? How will companies work when the quarantine is over?”

Any return to work should be a gradual process. Employers’ back-to-work plans will also depend on geography. Employers in rural areas will have an easier time convincing workers it’s safe to return to the office.

For some organisations demand will snap back immediately and for some it will take much time. Those jobs – dentists, healthcare, barber shops – there’s a backlog of demand. Then there’s a similar category, like restaurants and bars, where people were cooped up for so long that they’re desperate to go out to eat or get a drink.

For other organisations, the same urgency may not exist (as stated earlier). It’s going to take a while for people to start shopping for clothes, buying new cars and new homes.

And for some organisations, things may never get back to normal.