We’ve been forced to change our routine lifestyles and habits, and many of us are desperate to go back to our pre-coronavirus days.

Many did not enjoy working from home because they were not as efficient as they were in the office.

Some people, who skew younger, are ready to take the “YOLO (You Only Live Once)” approach of enjoying life while they can because tomorrow isn’t promised. They want to eat out, hang out and revenge shopping after having the careful balance of their lives – personal, financial, or otherwise – broken in a moment’s notice.

There are many things we need to put into consideration.

We need to have it at the back of our mind that there might be a second wave of the virus if we return to operating as we did before the pandemic (as stated by Professor William Sutherland). All activities will need to be considered individually and phased back in carefully, depending on the risk they pose to spreading the virus.

Some changes might be introduced after the lockdown:

  • Work: There are so many areas in a workplace where you need social distance. There will be a Physical distancing measure.
  • Shopping: Shops introducing means to discourage frequent visit.
  • Schools: Children finds it hard to keep social distance. Online classes will be introduced.
  • Testing: We could be a subject to regular check up.