1. Put the words in writing:

Add them to your email signature, to your newsletters, the bottom of your presentations. Send a monthly news paper to all staff with an update for the department. Include the values at the top and bottom of the newsletter and encourage the directors to use these words when writing their updates. It may feel forced at first, but as you get into the habit, you will find yourself using your value words easily in your everyday life.

  1. Review your job postings:

Take special notice how these values are shown throughout the posting. Use these words in your job postings with a direct line to how the job fits into those values. Check out my post about writing effective job descriptions to help you!

  1. Review your interview process: 

Add questions that will both share with the candidate that these are your values and allow you to determine if the candidate shares these values.

  1. Review your evaluations:

Update your evaluations to include your values, verbatim so it is clear to your employees that you are serious about these values.

  1. Talk to your supervisors:

Get their ownership of the values. Share with them as part of the leadership team (especially if you have a lot of layers in your organization). When they take ownership of these values, they will reinforce the message and accountability of these values.

  1. Talk about the values at employee meetings:

You have already added them to your presentation template, but take time to explain to your employees why you decided that these are your values. If you do not already have a regular all staff meeting, plan one.

For instance you can host an annual town hall meeting where you serve pancakes and give a short presentation on where the department and organization are headed in the next year. You do not have to have a fancy or expensive get together. Pancakes are used because pancakes are easy to make and you can watch the leadership team making breakfast as you walk in.

  1. Have patience:

Not everyone will get on board with your values, and some may not believe that you believe in them. You need to have a consistent, constant message of these values. Changes will not happen overnight, but it will slowly sink in as you promote and reinforce your values over time. Do not give up if it does not seem to be working at first, have patience and keep working at it until the results start showing

By communicating your values to your employees and aligning your expectations of them with your company values, you will help them develop the qualities important to your company’s vision and success. If you haven’t taken time to determine your values and communicate them with staff, you are not in control of the values of your organization.  Take control of your values. Communicate them. Live them.