It takes a great deal of focus to get a business started and growing. Prolonged focus on an outcome often depletes the resources of the founder and top ranks. But, once CEOs have sparked the initial flame, they will need to access a more flowing and natural, energetic approach to fine-tune and stoke the fires for growth and consistent ignition.

According to Albert Einstein quote, “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” Nature is filled with invisible forces, such as wind, air and solar rays, that are invisible to the naked eye, and yet they are the subtle energies that allow plants to flourish and thrive. Allowing your mind to apply this to business and more importantly to business growth is where the greatest opportunities lie.

The nature of our world is hardwired for success in business terms nature follows an upward trend with a few downturns. These natural energetic cycles apply to business and, more importantly, to business success and growth.

However, that is not what we are taught. Conventional perspectives believe that the harder the journey and the more sacrifice we overcome, the greater the success, when in reality, that is a recipe for a longer, more difficult route. Success, we learn, arrives after a long wait or exhausting, uphill climb.

But, it does not have to be this way. There is more simplified approach that actually aligns with the laws of nature. By harnessing the unique facets of energy and innate abundance that are disguised in plain sight, business leaders can tap into these simplistic and too often ignored hidden gems.

One key is to remain focused on the powerful initial interactions which lay the initial foundations for a business’s mission and value proposition, including putting the customer first, caring and sharing, and tribe building. These more often than not get left in the dust after success is achieved and money metrics seem to be the way success is measured, when in fact what got you to where you are, is more subtle passion, purpose, mission and need for change.

Here are some subtle shifts that CEOs can integrate for flow and fulfilling success.


Not actually mean all the technology (although that is a fantastic idea). Disconnect from every conversation leave it by cutting the cord and clearing the energy surrounding it. It is like taking a samurai sword to the energetic connection to the things stressing you out. The benefits of disconnecting are profound. Think about this: You have a tiff with a staff member and you actually then carry that energy into every interaction through the rest of your day, kind of like a virus of negativity. This samurai sword method stops that energy from being carried on and stops it in its tracks.


Activate your brain by using an ancient science once believed to be taught to the royalty of Asian countries. A 2003 study published in Anesthesiology found that acupressure applied to the ears relieved anxiety in adult patients during ambulance transport to the hospital. To achieve the same effect, hold your right earlobe with your left thumb and your left earlobe with your right thumb and breathe. Rather than drinking coffee for a temporary boost, the ears have a direct correlation to the activity of the brain. Doing this allows the brain to balance the hemispheres, which has been proven to help improve memory, revitalize the brain, release tension in and around the brain and brainstem, and acts as a stress buster, improves focus and even concentration.

Get grounded. 

Actually lay on the ground to get grounded to the energetic of the earth. Because we are so disconnected from the benefits of walking barefoot, this will help neutralize tension and allow the frequency of the earth to suck out tension. A 2013 Psychology Today article supported the idea that gardening reduced stress by activating the body’s parasympathetic nervous system much in the way that grounding does. This is similar to gardening, you will feel much more calm and centered but this does not take as long and requires much less effort.


What goes around comes around and the same applies to negative thought patterns. Remove the boomerang effect by thinking one good thought about someone who frustrates you. Sending a drop of “good vibes”, will results in the energetic “boomerang” of it returning to you tenfold.

Clear out distractions. 

It seems silly but this energetic technique will help a distracted entrepreneur with lots of spinning plates to focus on the task at hand and eliminate anxiety. Take your left index finger and tap the tip of your nose three times. Take one very long deep breath and get back to what you need to get accomplished.