Body language is a non verbal way if communication in which physical behaviors are used to express or convey information. They include facial expressions, body posture, gesture, eye movement and so on. The following are ways to look more approachable to make the work place more comfortable for us:

Smile: It is possible to overdo smiling, generally it is better to smile versus frown. Try to find things that genuinely make you happy or laugh and your smile will come across as natural rather than forced.

Be Accessible: If you are constantly on your Smartphone or buried in a newspaper, people will feel like they are interrupting you. Make sure that you are accessible and open to communication from others.

Avoid Blocks: Make sure that you are not using objects to shield yourself from others. At a party, hold your drink at your side instead of close to your chest. Keeping objects between you and others makes you appear guarded and closed.

Keep Your Head Up. It is hard for others to know to approach you if your head is constantly down; they need to see your face to feel like you want to get to know them. Keep your head level when walking, meeting people and during social situations.

Use Eye Contact: When you do end up talking with someone, be sure to maintain eye contact. A good rule is about 60 percent of the time you should be looking in the other person’s eyes. Avoiding eye contact makes you appear untrustworthy or disinterested. If direct eye contact feels hard, try looking at only one eye at a time, or at a spot between a person’s eyes. They will not be able to tell the difference.

Angle Towards: Watch your feet, your legs, and your body; you should be angling toward the person you are talking to, not away. Any body language that makes you look like you are ready to “bolt for the door” means the other person will feel like you are just not interested.

Avoid Nervous Habits. Even though you might be nervous, avoid the habits that go along with the feeling. Stop touching your face or playing with your hair. Do not fidget with your pen or the change in your pocket. Keep your hands relaxed at your sides or use them to gesture when making conversation.

Mirror the Other Person. Use this technique sparingly when appropriate. If you are in conversation with another person, mirror his body language to make him feel more comfortable; make some of the same movements that he does. Do not overdo this strategy or it will become obvious what you are doing.

Nod during Conversation. When listening to someone, nod to show that you are paying attention and interested. Doing so reinforces for the other person that you want to be involved in the conversation. One way to take the focus of yourself during a conversation is to plan to share what you have heard with someone else afterward. This will cause you to stay focused, ask questions, and summarize to make sure you understand.

Be Positive. Beyond body language, always be positive. Say nice things about other people instead of mean things. Approach others and include those who seem to be left out. Be a positive person and you will attract other positive people to you.